Whether your event is a fundraiser or just for fun, we have everything you need to pull off a successful event. With over 45 Regular, Deluxe or Inflatable Games, you can choose just a game or two, or have a full carnival midway, its up to you. We also offer an interactive prize program that features a winner every time. 



Bulls Eye
Use the magnet darts to try and hit the red target.
Can Smash
Throw the bean bags and try to knock all six cans off the pedestal.
Cover Spot
Throw the circle onto the board and try to cover the spot.
Color Wheel
Spin the wheel and try for the space with the pre-selected winning color.
Crazy Colors
Toss the plastic balls at the game board. Land on two of the same color to win. Comes with 3 plastic balls.
Crazy Critters
Party time in the alley. These crazy critters are bouncing off the walls and playing in the trash cans. Flip the critters into one or more of the trash cans to win. Comes with 6 critters
Duck Hunt
Knock down 3 ducks to win.
Fish in a Bowl
Toss ping pong balls and try to get them in the fish bowls. Comes with 6 ping pong balls.
Gopher Hole in One
Putt the ball up the green and into the cup for a hole in one.
Horse Shoe
Throw the horseshoes onto the pegs and win.
Lucky Sucker
Take a sucker from the board. Find one of the "lucky" pre-marked suckers and win a prize.
Magnet Balloon Pop
Use the magnet darts to try and hit the star in the center of the balloon.
Mini Hoops
Shoot for "2" and win by making a set number of baskets or by making the most baskets in a set time
Monster Knock Down
Knock down 3 of the same face using 3 bean bags to win.
Giant Plinko
Just drop the chips and try to get them to land in the slots that are worth the most.
Over Under
30 and over wins big prize 11 and under wins small prize. comes with 6 balls
Plate Toss
Try and toss coins and land them on the plate to win.
Drop a quarterdown thru the pins into the colored slots. Winners can hit the same color twice or a pre-selected color once.
Pop a Pimple
Throw 3 darts and try to hit the pimples.
Potty Toss
This game is as funny ans it is fun. Player tosses 3 waffle balls. Inside the bowl wins.
Raptors Nest
Throw 3 balls into the nest and win.
Ring Toss
Toss the rings onto the pins on the playing board and win.
Rope the Bull
Rope the bulls neck for big prize. Rope the bulls horns for a small prize.
Shock Wave
Guide the loop over a twisted wire without touching it. A touch rings the bell.
Stand a Bottle
Once you have the ring around the neck of the bottle, you then have to try and make the bottle stand up using only the ring and pole.
The Beast
Toss the bean bags into the Beast mouth to feed the Beast and win!
Tic Tac Toe
Throw the balls and line them in a row to win. Vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
Zombie Potty Toss
Toss the balls into the potty to win.
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Alien Pinball
Pull a lever and watch as the multi-colored balls go racing through space. How many points can you land on?
Balloon Darts
Pop the Balloon to win a prize
Bottle Ring
The goal is simple- toss the rings to land around as many bottles as you can!
Down the Ducks
Take your best aim as you get five tries to knock the targets down
Gone Fishing
Colorful, delightful, and cute describes this adorable new game from Twister Display. Gone Fishin' appeals to young and old as they try to catch the Puffer Fish resting in the canvas. Each fish has a screw is it's the nose and the magnet on the end of the pole picks the fish up fast. This 7'x7' game is colorful, compact, cute, and sets up in minutes.
King of the Hill
Roll the three balls up the hill to land in one of the five holes, but take note: its not as easy as it looks!
Mini Golf
Giant Plinko
Use the giant pucks and watch them ping down the board to try and get three in a row. Has a self stand to alow use on the ground
Rattlesnake Roundup
Ring the rattlesnakes round the cactus arms, but dont get too comfortable with the cactus- each of them need to be hooked with a snake of their own.
Roll the ball down one side and ricochet it off the bungees into the holes on the other side. How high can you score in just three tries?
Roller Bowler
The seemingly simple game of rolling the ball up the hill. You must roll the ball hard enough to pass the first hill, but soft enough not to roll all the way back.
Snake Pit
Roll the ball down the runway without letting it fall into the pit below. There are several target holes to land safely in to win the most amount of points.
Trash Can Tipping
Knock down the trash cans to win a prize
Under the Knife
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King of the Hill Mini
Snake Pit Mini
Ricochet Mini
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Inflatable Midway
Midway Tents
Midway Booths
Prize Packages
Tickets, Wrists bands or Punch Cards
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